What Every Business Need for Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

Businesses need Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion. It is inevitable. For this, they need a tool which can help in this process. A professional tool for the process will help immensely in the task making it easy and accessible.

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

The tool which can make this possible is Mail
Extractor Pro by USL software. Mail Extractor Pro is an immensely popular tool
which can convert any size of Apple mail database in the shortest time
possible. The tool is known for perfect bulk conversions, amazing speed, and
accurate preservation of folder arrangement.

apple mail mbox to pst conversion


USL software has earned a huge reputation for itself
by producing back to back high quality mail conversion tools. The company is
also known for its impeccable customer care service which has garnered many
awards. USL software has been at the top choice for many, and this trust,
reliability and quality performance index should make anyone choose only USL
software tools.

How Can Mail Extractor Pro Help in Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion

Simple to use

If you are a business owner, you would be able to relate to this scenario. Imagine a new tool bought by the company for its employees. A meeting takes place to design the new manual for using the tool. Training session takes place. A huge amount of money and time is spent in just acquainting employees with the tool, and only then employees are able to use it.

The main advantage of using Mail Extractor Pro is that USL software has assumed this responsibility of making employees acquainted with the tool. Its graphical user interface has enabled many customers to easily execute Apple Mail MBOX to PST Conversion task without any prior knowledge or exterior help. Companies enjoy the same benefit with mbox to pst converter tool.

The greatest bonus with this tool is that it is fully
automatic. Employees won’t even have to break a single sweat while using this
tool. This is the reason Mail Extractor Pro is the most sought after tool of
this era.


Bulk conversions

Bulk conversion is a primal need of any company. Without it, the passage from one format to another seems vague and unlikely. Because companies can have unprecedented size of Database, to convert it chunk by chunk at a slow pace is not feasible for any company.

Therefore, Mail Extractor Pro converts Apple mail database in Outlook without compromising the speed or quality of conversions.

Preserves folder hierarchy

Mail Extractor Pro can easily preserve folder arrangement. This helps a lot in accessing converted files in the post-conversion phase. Companies can really help their employees in having an easy transition from the conversion task to primary tasks. It all depends on company’s choice of using Mail Extractor Pro because only Mail Extractor Pro can help achieve this feature.

mbox to pst conversion

Get Mail Extractor Pro right now to import MBOX into Outlook.

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