Safeguard your data files by converting them into appropriate format

If the process to save files has been left over by you in the hands of the computer system then there is high probability that you have a lot of files stored in the ost format. This file format is a variation of the pst format used to store files offline. Though it is just another file format like pst, eml, and mbox, the problem is its highly risky nature. The ost format is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, it may become inaccessible in any of the following cases- abrupt shutdown of system, virus or malware attack, hardware failure, loss of Exchange account. Hence, the wise course of action is to get the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. This app is an ost converter app which avoids all the usual hindrances in conversion of data.

Smart way out to ost conversion:

The OST Extractor Pro is an ost to pst converter app which has high applicability and mechanical precision designed to provide the best experience in OST data conversion. It has the ability to convert files in any given ost format. From the old format Exchange 5.0 version to the new 2017 version, this pp works on it all. Outlook 2003 to office 365 version are convertible by this app as well. Coming to the issue of variety in texts, this app can handle all kinds of language, metadata, headers, and structure. The hierarchy of files is maintained by this app in a manner that the folder sequence remains the same before and after the conversion.

ost conversion

Super Easy Recovery & Conversion

Easy conversion and recovery is attainable by this app as is ease of operation. The user-friendly GUI allows the client to operate the app according to their wish and convenience. This automatic app prevents the need of any interference on the part of the client except for choosing the desired files for conversion. The format to which the client wants the files converted can be varied on wish too. Its powerful algorithm lets it dig deep into the files and recover all kind of data, so that no file is left behind from the conversion. It supports multiple languages and even those foreign languages with double-byte characters, thus mail files in languages like Chinese and Japanese do not go corrupt. Also, the attachment files with mails are preserved in perfect harmony with the root mails.

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Recover All Data Accurately

Though deemed as a mail converter app, the OST Extractor Pro works for Contacts, Calendars, and Addresses as well. Thus, it is made sure that no data is left behind. Metadata, headers, worksheets, graphs and other unique components are handled responsibly by this app. Hierarchy of folders is kept in order by this app, so that unlike in the case of other apps the client does not have to waste time rearranging files.

OST Conversion Free Trial

ost conversion free trial

With its dedicated client support system ready 24*7 to extend support to the client, the user doesn’t need to worry about the ost conversion even if s/he is a first time user. Email as well as chat can be used to reach the customer care service. In addition, a free trial version is available for everyone who wants to try the app before they decide to purchase it.

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