OST to PST Converter Review, 5 Reasons to Choose OST Extractor Pro

OST to PST Converter review, why OST Extractor Pro is the ideal conversion tool.

OST to PST Converter Review

Finding the ideal OST recovery and OST to PST converter tool amongst the numerous third party tools easily available on the internet can be difficult and confusing. The main reason for not using just any conversion tool is that your precious email data is at stake. The safety of the email data archive should be the utmost priority of a professional OST to PST converter. OST Extractor Pro was designed by USL Software to be the safest and fastest solution for your email migration needs. This article will discuss five of the many reasons for choosing OST Extractor Pro.

ost to pst converter review

First OST to PST Converter Review

First of all, OST Extractor Pro provides full guarantee of no data loss or modification. It will recover everything without any alterations. Even the minutest aspect of your email data will be saved. It will preserve, with total accuracy all emails, contacts, attachments, calendar data, folder hierarchy, metadata, etc. Many of the converter tools don’t take into account that emails are used globally and therefore contain texts from many different languages. OST Extractor Pro maintains texts from all major languages, including languages like Chinese and Japanese which use two bytes instead of one for encoding graphical characters.

Second OST to PST Converter Review

Secondly, the simplistic and intuitive user interface of OST Extractor Pro can be understood easily by inexperienced users. Many users worry that without any technical knowledge they might make a mistake and cause data loss. But with OST Extractor Pro any user can carry out the recovery and conversion process easily. In contrast to other conversion tools whose interface is cluttered with advanced features, OST Extractor Pro tries to keep the process simple and even the advanced features can be understood naturally.

Third OST to PST Converter Review

Thirdly, in addition to accuracy OST Extractor Pro is considered to have the fastest data processing speed. It can process heavy files without any lag or errors. It can process up to 1 GB within ten minutes under normal system conditions. Since time is considered by professional users to be most valuable, a very fast data processing speed should be attractive. OST Extractor Pro is also able to handle very large OST files, even in bulk conversion without errors or slowing down.

Fourth OST to PST Converter Review

The fourth reason to prefer OST Extractor Pro is because it has many other features that combine to make a smooth and effortless user experience. It works on all Windows and MAC Outlook editions. The tool supports all OST files generated from different sources including Exchange 5.0 to 2017 and Outlook 2003 to 2016. It also allows the user to choose amongst multiple output formats like PST, EML, Apple Mail Archive, MBOX, Thunderbird, and Postbox. If the converted PST file is very large OST Extractor Pro allows the user to split the large file into multiple PST files which will be easier to import in the future.

Fifth OST to PST Converter Review

The fifth reason is that in contrast to the trial versions of other Outlook ost to pst converter tools. The trial version of OST Extractor Pro does not block any of the features and does not have any time limits. Any user can freely check all the features and decide if it is the right tool for them. Also, the full version will come with access to 24*7 customer support and lifetime updates.

You can download the free trial version from here.

Hope you like the OST to PST Converter review on ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

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