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OST to PST Converter Tool

To convert OST to PST, the best tool available in the market is the OST extractor pro. This tool is a power pack converter which has many features loaded to it. It easily converts files for windows Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 365, Outlook ANSI and Mac 2011/2016.

Key features of OST Extractor Pro

OST extractor Pro is the best recovery tool because of the unlimited features it has that no other tool in the market possesses. It can be used for not only converting the OST files to PST files but can also be used for Postbox, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, etc.

ost to pst

Bulk Conversion

In the general tools available in the market also convert the files from “OST to PST”. But then what is it that makes it different from other tools. It is the feature called the bulk conversion feature. OST extractor Pro supports batch conversion of the OST files.

The software has algorithm logic which is specially designed for OST Framework which allows a greater data to be recovered and converted. You can convert OST files with greater speed that means if your file is around 1 GB it can get download and converted and recovered within 10 minutes. The complex and qualitative algorithm makes it easier for the software to operate faster and process data with the lightning speed.

All source supported files

Till date, many tools do not support all kind of files that need to be extracted from the emails of the outlook. But with OST extract Pro you can now convert the offline storage cables to personal storage tables in any format. The format that it supports is office 365 Outlook subscriptions, Outlook functions that are from 97 to 2017, ANSI OST files and Exchange 5.0 to 2017 edition.

Splitting of PST files if the data is large

When handling large data in the Microsoft it allows many kinds of files to be stored making the capacity of storage much larger. The problem arises when you have to store the same large PST files into Windows Outlook. Now just imagine that if these large PST files are there in your Windows Outlook and the backup data is in the form of OST file then the recovery of the same will become very difficult. But with OST Extractor Pro you can easily manage such OST files and convert them with the same lightning speed by splitting the OST file into two.

Comfortable user interface

With the use of latest technologies, the OST Extractor pro has made its user interface very friendly and easy. It is self-explanatory and you simply need to follow the written steps and you can easily extract the OST files.

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So now you know why and what makes the OST Extractor Pro different from others. Now OST Extractor Pro gives you the option to convert ost to pst and other file formats.

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