OST recovery and conversion with a simplest tool

Are your looking for ost recovery tool? Here is the tool you can try for recovery and conversion purpose.

OST Recovery and Conversion

If you are a Windows or MAC Outlook user who needs a OST to PST converter tool but lack the necessary technical knowledge to make a wise choice, then this article will help you to understand OST recovery and conversion better and also introduce you to the most reliable and effective tool available. OST Extractor Pro, designed by USL Software is a professional OST recovery and conversion tool which is not only trustworthy but also does not require any technical experience for optimal results.

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OST and PST Data file

Although you do not need to know all the details of OST to PST conversion for using OST Extractor Pro, a general understanding can be helpful. Outlook stores all of the user’s personal data in the PST (Personal Storage Table) file. But in situations when the system is unable to connect to the server, Outlook uses OST (Offline Storage Table) files to save the data offline which is updated once a connection is established.

Unfortunately, in some cases OST files can get damaged or corrupt which can result in loss of important data. Hardware failure, virus or malware attack, and abrupt shutdown of the system or Outlook can corrupt the OST files and render them inaccessible. OST files can also get damaged due to sync errors with the servers. In any of these cases the user will have to use a tool to recover the OST files and convert them to PST. The PST file can easily be imported on Outlook in the future.

Recover Email Data From OST file

To recover the email data from OST files and convert the OST files to PST format with total safety and accuracy requires a professional tool like OST Extractor Pro. It can easily be installed within minutes by following the simple wizard. The whole user interface is designed in such a way that amateurs users without any knowledge or experience can carry out the conversion process. Its exceptionally fast data processing speed helps to save the user’s valuable time.

The Best OST Recovery and Conversion Tool

The most important aspect to look in a conversion tool however is the accuracy and safety of the data that is being converted. Many tools that are available on the internet recover the email data but often lose or modify some of the essential part of the data. Only OST Extractor Pro gives a 100% guarantee of total data recovery. It digs deep into the system and recovers all of the complex layers of information contained in emails. The tool recovers all emails, attachments, contacts, calendar data, metadata, and texts of all the major languages. It also preserves with complete accuracy, the folder hierarchy of the data archive. This is extremely important to keep the data organized.

Get this OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro works on all versions of MAC and Windows Outlook. The user also has the option to choose the output format amongst PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, and Postbox. This tool can also handle bulk conversion of very large OST files easily and without any errors. You can get the trial version of OST Extractor Pro for free. And you can check out all the features without any time limit. Once completely satisfied, you can get the full version which comes with full customer support and lifetime updates.

ost recovery tool

Click here to get the trial version for ost recovery and conversion.

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