The Only Road for OLM to MBOX Conversion That is Not Filled With Thorns

OLM to MBOX conversion is the best way to move your Mac Outlook 2011/2016 data into Apple Mail or other clients that support MBOX like Thunderbird. Unfortunately, this path is usually full of constant setbacks and pains. Sometimes, the data loss is also a part of this process that can distress users a lot. Who likes data loss, anyway?

So, what is the best road to take for successful, safe, and quick OLM to MBOX conversion? How can you move your large chunk of emails (and contacts and calendar entries) into Apple Mail and Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016.

OLM to MBOX Conversion

The answer lies with USL Software, a celebrate name in email migration industry that has been giving answers to complex questions of exporting email data.

USL Software developed an excellent Mac utility that is nothing like others. It was designed from the ground-up, ignoring all the past techniques for extraction information. This allowed USL Software to have a fresh start and not get involved with the usual problems with OLM to MBOX migration that many developers don’t seem to find the answers to.

The OLM to MBOX Converter

The converter is called “OLM Extractor Pro,” and is armed with every bows and arrows that will lead to success in the least resistant manner.

Through some cutting-edge programming techniques, the tool works impressively well with complex data forms that is usually compounded by the size of OLM files. “OLM Extractor Pro” has some unique tricks up its sleeves to give you the seamless migration experience.

olm to mbox

This central conversion engine can be interacted through the user-interface developed with utmost care by the developers. All the complexity and advanced tricks work automatically behind the screens, leaving only ‘click-and-proceed’ system for you.

How to Convert OLM to MBOX?

To use “OLM Extractor Pro,” all you have to do is load the OLM files (you can load multiple OLM files in bulk), choose the folders for conversion, set other optional settings (if you wish), choose output as MBOX, and click ‘convert‘.

Detail Tutorial: How to Convert OLM to MBOX

Say goodbye to the obscure interfaces that make you confused and disappointed. “OLM Extractor Pro” automated much of the manual operations through creative abstraction layers.

You can also find some of the new and valuable features. You can convert and save read and unread emails into separate folders. One can also ignore all empty folders and exclude them from output files. You can also choose to merge contacts and calendar entries into a single VCF and ICS file respectively.

With such vast range of features and an intuitive GUI, you will never have to worry about converting OLM to MBOX.

At last, there is also 24×7 customer support by USL Software that is based on experts on email migration. You may never need to contact the support because of the simplicity of the tool; however, it adds to the experience in case of any queries or setbacks that you might experience.

Frankly, 24×7 customer support makes it a complete and perfect software package.

Download for OLM to MBOX Conversion

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