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Convert OLM to MBOX in Mac

OLM Extractor Pro” is a tool from USL Software for converting OLM to MBOX in Mac directly. The experienced developers of USL Software, known for offering many other successful email migration applications, created this tool for both experts and advanced users.

olm to mbox


Let’s take a look at its features now:

  • Quick and easy to use. The interface allows even the non-experienced users to quickly get comfortable with the features and very easily convert OLM to MBOX files.
  • Allows converting OLM files in bulk without affecting the data integrity
  • Allows users to filter folders according to the types of contents inside them (like mails, contacts, or calendar entries). You can also ignore all empty folders in a single click.
  • Or, manually remove/uncheck any folders that you don’t want to convert.
  • Save read/unread emails in separate folders
  • Automatically converts all contacts to VCF files
  • Automatically converts all calendar reminders/events to ICS files.
  • Allows users to merge contacts or calendar data per folder to a single VCF or ICS file respectively.
  • Smooth data-rate allowing for quick migration without wasting too much time on manual tasks that other ordinary tools often have no solution for.
  • Preserves all email items like the sender and receiver details, time and date stamps, and subject line.
  • Converts data without messing with folder hierarchy.
  • Support non-English text characters, including Chinese and Japanese that are tricky because they are encoded using double-byte characters
  • Tool runs smoothly in Mac without any freezing or crashing

“OLM Extractor Pro” most popular feature is to convert OLM to MBOX accurately but it also allows converting OLM files to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Entourage, and even EML files.


convert olm to mbox

Now, let’s take a look at how to use “OLM Extractor Pro”:

  1. Download here, install, and launch it
  2. Click on “Add OLM” and add OLM files or a folder containing multiple OLM files
  3. Check the folders you want to convert and un-check all others. Use filter options for easy selection of certain types of folders.
  4. Check other settings like for contacts and calendar, splitting large MBOX files, and more.
  5. Check the output format and select ‘MBOX’
  6. Click ‘Convert’

Wait for the conversion to be over.

You will find out that it converts even large multiple OLM files to MBOX in quick time and cleanly. There will be no loss of any of the data components.

Download to Convert OLM to MBOX In Mac

If you are tired of all the inefficient and sloppy tools or manual methods, try “OLM Extractor Pro.” You will not be disappointed.

Get it here: https://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

There’s 24×7 customer support to help you in any way you need help for.

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To convert olm to mbox in Mac, download & try ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

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