Move Thunderbird to Office 365, Mail Extractor Pro offers practical route!

Moving Thunderbird to Office 365 is not a child’s play! There are several email files involved which are significant to the user and thereby have to be handled with utmost care. It goes without saying that if someone deliberates on moving Thunderbird to Outlook 365, then it must be done via a highly credible procedure.

Move Thunderbird to Office 365

Reliability and safety, both being the top priority of any user, are the factors that greatly influence the choice of method. In this practical world however, speed also becomes a contributing factor to that decision. Keeping all three in mind, email converter tools are the only rational alternative for moving Thunderbird to Outlook.

move thunderbird to office 365

Learn how to use Mail Extractor Pro to move Thunderbird to Office 365 swiftly and appropriately

Even though, with Mail Extractor Pro, the process to move Thunderbird to Outlook 365 becomes extremely simple, a little tutorial seems harmless. We have thereby devised a simple manual that illustrates the steps to move Thunderbird to Outlook 365. The same has been scribbled hereunder for your quick reference.

Follow the Steps below:

  1. STEP 1- Begin by downloading and launching the tool on your system. This can be done via the applications window.
  2. STEP 2- A single screen GUI would start appearing. The user would be prompted to upload the data. Choose the Thunderbird/Postbox option since you want to move Thunderbird to Office 365. If you want the files uploaded directly from the default directory then choose the auto-load option, else choose the manual load option to locate the files from the pre-selected locations.
  3. STEP 3- Make a prudent selection of the folders from the list of uploaded content. You can also leave all the folders ticked if you want to move all of them from Thunderbird to Office 365. At the same time, all the empty folders can be eliminated with a single click too.
  4. STEP 4- The size of the resultant PST files can be controlled at this stage. You can choose to limit them preferably up to a size of 15GB. The idea is to split the files so as to have optimum sized Outlook files.
  5. STEP 5- Hit on convert and choose the location where you want to move Thunderbird to Office 365 files.
  6. STEP 6- A log report would start appearing and it would give real-time status of the progress. A button to ‘abort’ the process would also start appearing for the option to quit the process mid-way.

Once the process to move Thunderbird to Office 365 gets completed, the final files can be accessed by clicking on “locate converted PST”.

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That’s how straightforward it is to convert Thunderbird to Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro. The resultant files would undoubtedly be of the best quality. As a matter of fact, these PST files are the mirror images of the input Thunderbird files. The conversion process is so impeccable, that the overall framework of the mails is maintained too.

Thunderbird to Office 365

The final verdict is that Mail Extractor Pro would let you move Thunderbird to Office 365 hassle-free!

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