Migrate PST to EML (*.eml), ICS (*.ics) & VCF (*.vcf)

Migrate PST to EML – A Professional Solution on a Budget to help you without burning a hole in your pocket: PST Extractor Pro

Getting professional help is a sure shot way to migrate PST to EML files perfectly. But getting a professional to do the job every time you need to move your data can be a little heavy on anybody’s pocket. The right way to attempt the process would be with a conversion solution that does the job like a professional and simultaneously being light on your pocket.

It is possible to get a solution like this. All you need to do is look into the depths of the market. Searching the right conversion solution to migrate PST to EML format is half the job. If you get the right conversion solution, then everything that follows will be easier and smoother. Therefore, focus on getting the job done even before your conversion process starts. Don’t worry this article will help you in finding one such solution. Read on and find out more about this solution.

PST Extractor Pro: The tool to migrate PST to EML like a Professional

If you search the internet for the right conversion solution to migrate PST to EML then you would end up with every converter tool ever developed. Every single conversion solution present in the market claims to be the best converter tool in the but when it comes to performing, most of them fail at it. Therefore, just going for the first conversion solution that you come across can be a really bad idea.

The tool that you should go for as per top experts of the trade and the reviews of users is PST Extractor Pro from USL Software. The tool is an avalanche of features that help you migrate PST to EML in a better, smarter and safer way.

migrate pst to eml

The tool preserves your conversations perfectly

Email conversations consist of to and fro nested messages being exchanged. During the process of encoding your email data, these nested messages need to be encoded a bit differently than your normal textual messages. 

This usually leads to problems for substandard conversion solutions as tackling this encoding scheme can become a bit harder than usual. This results in an incomplete and error some conversion process. This converter tool provides you a dedicated logic for your nested conversations. Thus, retaining everything during your PST to EML conversion process.

Ignoring the Empty Folders become Easy

The tool allows you to filter out the contents you don’t want to convert during your conversion process easily. It provides you with the feature of filtering out the data files on the basis of contacts, email sender and the contents of the folders.

You can easily ignore the empty folders present in the email database easily with just a single click of a button. This helps you in making your PST to EML migration process much quicker, more efficient and more accurate.

Try it here: https://www.pstextractorpro.com/pst-to-eml-converter-free-trial-version/

migrate pst to eml file

Get your free trial version of the tool today to convert PST to EML file format.

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