MBOX to Outlook Migration Not Difficult Anymore!

Outlook, either Windows or Mac version,cannot read MBOX. So, if you have data in MBOX you want to import into Outlook, you need to go through the file conversion first. PST is the file compatible with both Outlook Mac and Windows. By converting MBOX to PST, you can easily import the data they way you want.

Unless you have a sloppy software
application. Things can turn into a nightmare, pretty soon, pretty fast.

MBOX to Outlook Migration

And that has been the case for many years. MBOX to Outlook PST conversion would never go smoothly. The worst-case scenario, data loss, has also been the most common scenario. Users would report losing images, Unicode text, headers, and other information.

But here we will tell you how you can turn things around. MBOX to Outlook migration is not so difficult anymore. Thanks to“Mail Extractor Pro,” from USL Software. It is a simple utility with effective features that seamlessly transit the data across files without losing the specifics.

mbox to outlook migration
Simple and ultimate way to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to Outlook for Mac & Windows – ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

Mail Extractor Pro” is a complete software for migrating data from multiple Mac based clients and other sources to PST files. MBOX is one of the input options, the one we are concerned for this post.

How to Migrate MBOX to Outlook

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “MBOX Files: LOAD”.

    You start by clicking on ‘Load’ next to the MBOX files, browse the MBOX files you want to convert

  2. Select MBOX Files

    Select a single mbox file or select a folder containing MBOX files.

  3. Advance Features to check

    Click on “Ignore Empty Folders” to remove the same from conversion and set the PST file size, if you have large mailbox.

  4. Click on ‘Convert”

    Select a folders to save the PST file and it will start converting your mbox to Outlook supported PST file.

These are all the steps you need to take.
Nothing more.

mbox to outlook
Simple and easy use

Optionally, there is a choice offered to limit the size of output PST files. It makes importing them later to Outlook a much simpler process. Over-sized files are not good for handling and even worse to import to email clients. By splitting them into multiple smaller files, you get rid of the extra burden commonly faced by users through other subpar means.

How to convert mbox to outlook?

The tool runs on a dedicated conversion engine that has scripts and algorithms to ensure clean conversion. Special set of codes process certain tricky information like folders hierarchy, Unicode content, links, email addresses, and nested emails. The tool handles the email headers with MIME format with even more precision. And many other such unique characteristics deliver the output free of any errors.

Get it for MBOX to Outlook Migration

Read More at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/convert-apple-mail-to-outlook-2016/

You can get a license to get the full version now, or pick the free trial copy to find out more. In the free mode,“Mail Extractor Pro” works up to ten items per folder per MBOX file, and lets you check other functionality freely.

For any questions or unseen setbacks, there is always the excellent support team all set to aid you in your task with least amount of resistance.

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to import Mac Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird to Outlook, Postbox to Outlook and MBOX to Outlook. It supports both Mac and Windows Outlook.

By USL Software

With all these features and services from USL Software, MBOX to Outlook PST is no more the kind of intimidating and repulsive task that it was once.

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