How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016 – The Answer That Only Few Experts Know!

How to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016? Here’s the best answer – and the only one that shows how to do it safely and without the loss of data fidelity!

Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016

The answer below is the best way to convert the files without getting any broken data elements. You can convert the files in no time, without having to go through any technical tutorials or lessons, and without getting data integrity flaws in output files.

What are OST and PST files?

OST and PST file format stands for – Offline storage table and personal storage table, respectively.

While OST is usually used for IMAP and Exchange accounts, the PST is used for POP3, web-based accounts, and for other purposes such as archiving data, backup, migration, and import/export.

OST allows users to work offline too, since they are basically offline cached copes of your email inbox on servers. PST allows users to archive and back up emails, contacts, calendar, and other items in PST file, since it is not limited by size (although large PST files can get unstable).

Why Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016

Often OST file gets dysfunctional in one way or another, making Outlook function improperly or not at all. Virus attacks, synchronization errors, hard drive failures, power failures, deleting the email account itself, and other similar events/actions can end up with inaccessible OST files, leaving your important data stuck inside them.

Since PST is a personal storage file, can be imported in both Mac and Windows Outlook 2016, the option of converting OST to PST in Outlook 2016 can offer a way out of your situation.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016

Though, there are many sloppy third-party software, there is one application that will take you through each step correctly and make it too easy to convert the files with accuracy.

It’s called “OST Extractor Pro” and it offers all the features necessary for the job. You will never have to worry about getting any other program if you have problem with your OST files and want to convert them to PST files.

convert ost to pst in outlook 2016

Excellent 6-Steps Conversion Approach

Using “OST Extractor Pro” is easy:

  1. Download the setup here (for either Mac or Windows, depending where you want to use it)
  2. Install using the installation wizard and instructions
  3. Launch and click on “Open”
  4. Go to the location where OST files are saved and select them
  5. The tool shows all the folders inside your selected OST files. You can select/remove any you want to convert/ignore.
  6. Click “Convert” and wait for the tool to finish conversion.

The 6-step conversion approach above is not possible with any other typical converter. Without ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you’ll have to take plenty of manual steps, set manual inputs, and whatnot. Only this tool by USL Software takes you through simple steps that takes no efforts.

Unmatched Accuracy of “OST Extractor Pro”

And it’s also very accurate in keeping the conversion complete. There are never any broken data component, partially converted emails, missing images, or any other frustrating errors.

The tool’s dedicated logic for each complex item inside OST files makes. It is possible to generate 100% accurate output which matches the input like a mirror.

This includes – email attachments, graphical objects, non-English characters, metadata and headers, nested emails, folder structure, and other such details that are otherwise tricky for a conventional tool to convert without messing up.

Know How to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016

The best part is you don’t have to take any risk. Simply get the setup below and get started with free trial demo within less than 2 minutes and check it out yourself. Activating after you’ve seen it working in action is easy. Buying the license that suits you and entering the license key to activate takes two minutes.

Get it here:

And lastly, the support staff will take care of any of your queries or unlikely setbacks/glitches, if any.

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OST Extractor Pro is the answer to – How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016?

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