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Most Professional Approach to Email File Conversion Task!

Did you know that you can get all your data from Google services into a local, personalized MBOX file and get it converted from MBOX to PST?

Google offers a Takeout feature that allows you to archive your emails from Gmail service or other data from other services like Blogger, Bookmarks, Chrome, Contacts, Drive, etc. It archives everything you select into an MBOX file, which can you download. Depending on how many items/services you choose to archive, Google will take some time to process all that on its servers. Which means you don’t have to keep the browser tab on while it does that.

Google will email you when it’s done with a download link for the MBOX file.

Here’s the link for the takeout page –

Step Induced for Google MBOX to PST Conversion

Click on it, sign in to your Google account, and select the services from which you want the data to be archived into an MBOX file. MBOX is a pretty generic file format that can be used with several email clients and programs, like Apple Mail or Thunderbird. But what about Windows Outlook user? If you have Outlook installed on your Windows PC, unfortunately, you will not be able to view the Google MBOX file or import it.

But there’s a way around this problem. You need to convert the MBOX file into a file format that’s compatible with Windows Outlook, which is PST, short for ‘Personal Storage Table.’

However, converting MBOX from Google into PST files for Windows Outlook isn’t as simple as you might think. First of all, it’s definitely not about just changing the name or extension from .mbox to .pst manually. You can do that, but the .pst files (which are internally only just MBOX files) will not be recognizable in Outlook. Outlook will give the error, “PST files seem to be corrupted.”

The only real solution is to extract the contents from MBOX to PST format from scratch. It’s a relatively rigorous and complex process that requires sophisticated programming to process the data correctly. The converter utility needs to detect, extract, convert, and restructure all the intricate pieces of information from one format to another highly dissimilar and contrasting file.

MBOX and PST are not two very similar data files, but are quite different in their internal structure. The dynamics, the data-tables, the framework, and everything are diverse and the tool handed the responsibility of getting each element across these files have a hard job ahead.
This is what “Mail Passport Pro” does really well. It’s a tool from Gladwev Software that is built for several other email migration projects like converting Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, and EML files to PST. But it also converts MBOX to PST with professional level of precision and efficiency.

Download the free trial setup to try it out. Just install and launch. The free trial mode works for converting ten items per folder within the file, which is great for you to give an idea on how it works.

The user interface is really simple and minimal such that you don’t have to worry much about technical jargon or any manual steps. Just launch and you will intuitively realize what you are supposed to do next.


This is the quickest and most accurate to get your Google data into Windows Outlook. It’s otherwise a job that can take an overwhelming number of hours to properly migrate data. Google Takeout makes it much easier to archive data to MBOX, but to turn that MBOX into Outlook suitable file.

There are other MBOX to PST converters out there as well that seemingly do the same job. But “Mail Passport Pro” has strikingly more unique features along with a simple UI and a tech support that clearly makes it the best choice for both professionals and non-experienced users. Here are some of the most notable differences in this tool by Gladwev Software and other generic solutions:

  • It supports conversion of non-ASCII (non-English text) and MIME define content extensively.
  • It keeps the symmetry or structure of the folders in output PST files as were originally in MBOX without a single unwanted modification.
  • It comes back up by tech support that’s available all the time to guide you at any stage that might need assistance.
  • It also allows converting other formats like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and EML files to PST.
  • The batch conversion dedicated support makes it easier to convert multiple files to PST conveniently.
  • Supports the output PST files in all Outlook versions (except if it is over 2 GB, then it won’t get imported into Outlook 2002 and earlier versions because of their old ANSI encoding style).

You can try it out and see it how it works without getting the full paid version. Click the link below and get the .exe file.

Easy to install, it will take just few minutes to get you started on an otherwise very tricky and complex process that sometimes can make experienced users baffled.

Get your Google MBOX to PST file for Windows Outlook NOW it won’t get simpler than what “Mail Passport Pro” makes it!

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