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Gmail To Outlook Transfer has always been an issue in the world of email conversion. Both are giants of the email service world. But due to professional and personal reasons, sometimes there arises a need of Gmail To Outlook Transfer or vice versa.

The process of Gmail To Outlook Transfer involves all your data present in the Gmail account which can contain anything under the sky. Therefore, you must make sure that all of it is retained safely while it is being converted from one format to another.

Preserve all your data during your Gmail to Outlook Transfer

The best of ensuring that all your data is preserved during your Gmail To Outlook Transfer is by using the modern methods of email transfer and that is by using a third-party converter tools. Now the question is which one to go for?

Out of the ever-growing crowd of third-party converter tools, one converter tool stands out. And that Google MBOX converter tool is MEP aka ‘Mail Extractor Pro, A product by USL Software.

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The tool comes to you from the prestigious house of USL Software, and does live up to the reputation of the firm. Jam Packed with all the necessary features to achieve the conversion of your dreams, the tool offers you every possible thing that you can imagine.

It’s Easy, its fast its accurate. It is the perfect converter tool to convert Google MBOX to PST.

Don’t just believe what you read, test the best in class accuracy of Mail Extractor Pro for your Gmail to Outlook Transfer

Best in class accuracy, when this phrase is associated with the accuracy provided by a third-party converter tool, then it is expected to be exceptional in the field. Well, Mail Extractor Pro is.

The tool provides you with such an accuracy that converts everything coming its way. Everything present in the input file is converted by the tool without fail. Every single of bit of data is converted irrespective of its type or encoding scheme.

Coming to encoding schemes, the tool also converts the infamous Unicode data. Now you don’t have to compromise with leaving your attachments, nested messages etc. behind. The tool converts all the non-English, Unicode data with ease and precision.

Thus, making your Google MBOX To PST Transfer a complete and safe one.

Once converted, retain everything from your Gmail to Outlook Transfer

Once everything present in your input file is converted, then the precision offered by this exceptional converter tool comes into play. The precision offered by Mail Extractor Pro allows you to retain the important things from your Gmail To Outlook Transfer.

Things like the folder hierarchy of the input file is retained by the tool making the output file produced a replica of the input file. All the data is converted and since the folder hierarchy is the same, therefore, the output file produced looks exactly like the input file just in another format.

This makes your post Gmail To Outlook Transfer tasks like navigation and debugging easier and better.

Download the free trial of the tool and discover a whole new world of features for your Gmail to Outlook Transfer

Gmail to Outlook Transfer

Download the free trial of the tool and get started with your conversion process and explore a lot more features offered by this exceptional tool to transfer MBOX to PST.

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