Export Thunderbird to PST without any hurdles

Need a conversion tool to export Thunderbird to PST file’ without hurdles? Mail Extractor Pro provides conversion solutions like no other tool

Are you finding it difficult to export Thunderbird mail to PST files? Wait no longer to put an end to your long term conversion issues. Mail Extractor Pro will resolve all your problems because it has an edge over all the other tools when it comes to converting emails.

export thunderbird to pst

Export Thunderbird to PST for Outlook

While the ordinary tools struggle to extract the data from the origin database, this amazing Thunderbird Mail to Outlook converter makes use of its special technology to smoothly get the files for conversion in the most refined manner possible. The cutting edge technology enables it to lay its hands over 100% of the data and this further ensures that the tool converts everything from Thunderbird to PST database.

A common problem that people come across is that due to the complexity of the whole process, an ordinary tool’s Thunderbird to PST conversion process is slowed down to a turtle’s pace. It takes forever to convert even a few files at a time. Imagine the plight when a user wants to convert a database involving a large number of files. But with Mail Extractor Pro, this problem is dealt with as swiftly as it converts the files. Yes, this Thunderbird to PST converter tool works at lightning fast speed. And the speed is not affected by the amount of data it has to handle. As a matter of fact, the conversions are swift, smooth, and precise all at the same time, irrespective of the size of the conversion batch. Let’s peek into what makes this Thunderbird to PST converter tool so special.

export thunderbird mail to pst

Ultimate tool to export Thunderbird to PST for Outlook

A special account of unique features of Mail Extractor Pro-An exceptional ‘Thunderbird to PST converter tool’

As is apparent from the ongoing discussion, Mail Extractor Pro is the best choice for Thunderbird to PST files conversion. This tool is an expert at handling the complicated file formats. Not many of you know that this tool is designed to convert not only Thunderbird Mail to PST, but also Apple mails to PST, Postbox, MBOX to PST, etc. It is bundled up with many more pleasant surprises for its valued users. Let’s have a look at few of them:

  • It supports batch conversions
  • It converts everything ranging from timestamps to read/unread status, graphical objects to attachments, metadata to nested messages, etc.
  • The tool maintains folder hierarchy and keeps the original structure intact
  • It has the capability to extract the Unicode for languages other than English
  • It guarantees speedy conversions
  • The tool has a unique user-friendly interface that helps make the Thunderbird to PST conversion all the more simpler
  • It gives accurate and complete results

Get it to convert Thunderbird to Outlook

Above all these features, the support staff is available 24*7 for the users. An open helpline can resolve any query that the users might have. Precisely, this Thunderbird to PST converter is a creation that must be available to all those who sort conversion help. And the great news is that a trial version is available free of cost for those who wish to try this out. You will find the link for the same here.

Thunderbird to PST

Try it today.

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