Safest way out to export Thunderbird mail to PST file with fast results

With the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software you can convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Mail Database, MBOX to PST data file format for MS Outlook for Mac and MS Outlook for Windows. Use it to export Thunderbird mail to PST file with a precision never experience before. It is also free of the possibilities of corruption of data and incomplete conversion. It takes all the precautions to avoid any possibility of data corruption and to provide the maximum amount of comfort to its users.

export Thunderbird mail to PST file

Here are the top reasons to choose this tool:

Multi-utility tool for mail conversion according to your wish:

This tool has got a couple of features which bring together the best of mail converters, so the users can have access to the best ever mail conversion.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST:

Use this tool to convert Apple mail and its elements to different MS Outlook versions for Mac and Windows.

Convert Thunderbird/Postbox to Outlook PST:

The task exporting Thunderbird/Postbox mail to PST file is extremely easy with this tool.

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST format:

This tool is an instant solution to converting Thunderbird MBOX files to the Outlook PST format. This tool supports all MBOX file versions and the resultant PST files would be supported by all MS Outlook versions.

export thunderbird mail to pst

Fast and accurate mail conversion results:

Not only can you use this tool to export Thunderbird mail to PST file, to convert MBOX to PST but meanwhile to get results fast as well. The results are always according to the need of the clients, and accurate at all costs.

Preserves Unicode content:

You would not have to face the awkward case of incomplete mail conversion when using this converter. Its special Unicode compatibility renders it useful for files in non-English languages as well. While ordinary mail converters cannot recognize non-English language data, thus unable to convert them, this tool does that with expertise. It also recognizes data having double-byte characters.

Keeps the hierarchy of the folders intact:

This tool is capable of preserving the originality of email folders and directories, arranging them in their assigned location. Thus, it is easier to find out files for those using this feature.

Bulk conversion allows faster mail migration:

If you want to export Thunderbird mail to PST file faster to obtain results faster, you should use this tool. It has enabled the bulk conversion facility, a feature which lets the users migrate multiple files while also maintaining their integrity.

User friendly Graphic User Interface:

The GUI of this tool is designed to be useful for everyone- beginners as well as regulars. You will have an easy time to export Thunderbird mail to PST file using this tool even if you are new to mail conversion.

Free evaluation copy:

We also provide a free evaluation copy for people who would prefer to have a first-hand experience of using the tool before actually buying it. Get your trial version from the link given below. Contact us for guidance, help and/ or feedback.

To download the free trial, click here.

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