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Mail Passport Pro:-

Mail Passport Pro is a software/ tool to convert files (mails) from different formats to outlook for windows format (.PST). It can convert file format from different email client’s like- Mozilla thunderbird, Postbox, Apple / Mac mail, Microsoft Entourage archive 2004/2008, .MBOX and EML format to Outlook Window or PST format. It is a professional tool and it converts not only mails but vCards, iCal, nested messages, images and attachments and all the important material within the mails in few simple steps. It has the unique features like- no data loss or corruption during conversion.

Some unique features are given as below:-

Apple/ Mac conversion with Mail Passport Pro:-

All mails, contacts, vCards, iCal and all nested information within the mailbox is converted by the all in one tool in just flawless. EMLX format is compatible with Mac or Apple mail or apple mail has .EMLX file formats which can be converted into Outlook for windows format with our all in one tool.

Microsoft entourage conversion with Mail Passport Pro:-

With the help of this professional tool now you are free to convert Microsoft entourage archive 2004/2008 (,RGE) mails into .PST outlook for windows in just few simple steps without getting any error no time will be taken by the software for conversion. All mails, contacts and calendars are converted without any conversion issue.

Mozilla thunderbird/ postbox:-

Mail passport pro is the only tool which can convert multi format in one format. It can convert Mozilla thunderbird and postbox files into outlook for windows .PST format. You just need to have thunderbird/ postbox database within the system and then you can run easily and can experience the performance of the tool.

.EML/ .MBOX conversion:-

Mail Passport Pro can convert the files from the format EML and MBOX to PST in few simple steps. No error will be occurred and no data loss during conversion.

All mails, contacts and calendars will be preserved as it is and no change and loss of data will occur during conversion.

Some other important features of Mail Passport Pro:-

–  Mail passport pro preserves Unicode content. Unicode content refers to the characters written in double byte language like chines and Japanese. In most of the software Unicode is not supported but here makes difference of our professional tool that, it can preserve Unicode content too.

–  Mail passport pro preserves all images and attachments within mails and there is no image lost during conversion process. All nested messages are also kept safe.

–  With this professional tool you won’t have to be worry about your mail folders and subfolders because our software keeps all the folder hierarchy unchanged.

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