EML to Outlook mail conversion (Exactly what a mac user needs)

In the form of Mail Extractor Pro by USL software, the users get access to the best ever mail conversion facility. This software has the capacity to provide solutions to all issues encountered during mail conversion in addition to providing mail conversion facility. This software is suited for beginners as it is for regular users. To support the users throughout the conversion, an intuitive interface has been provided, apart from the conversion process being quite simple..

eml to outlook mail

Mail Extractor Pro – A Mac App to convert Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX, EML and Thunderbird to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

EML to Outlook mail converter that changes people’s perspective towards mail transfer

Whether you have to transfer mails to another format or transfer your data to windows, converting EML to Outlook is the first and most essential step. This software provides you with that facility without involving any manual steps, have a look at the pointers below.

    • To begin converting EML to PST (MS Outlook) you have to download and install this software. Open it with a double-click after which you will be presented with several options to choose from- apple mail, Thunderbird, postbox, mbox and eml.
    • Once a mail client has been chosen, the entire database would be selected automatically by the software. The user can select and deselect files as per their requirements.
    • By checking the box on the right side, the user would be able to ignore all the empty folders once and for all. Another useful additional feature is the auto-split facility. It lets one split the files into several smaller files, making it easy to process even large files.
    • Once the user gives the command of the conversion, the results would be provided in a few moments. And the software has automatically processed the files.

There are some additional benefits of using this software, a fact that makes it a favourite among mac users.

Software that can actually convert EML to Outlook Mail in the mac itself

The users will not disappoint this time, unlike other software this one actually provides the conversion facility directly in the mac itself. This makes sure that the users have a satisfying mail conversion experience. They do not have to transfer the data to a windows device first. This makes the overall process safer and faster.

Dedicated to fast service

The conversion process does not take long thanks to the ability of this software to convert data in bulk. The users do not have to wait for excessively long for the results to arrive either.

Compatible with various languages

This software can read and process various types of texts, even those in languages other than english. This facility applies to languages that use double-byte characters too. Therefore, the users will face no difficulty in converting files that are in languages such as korean, japanese and chinese.

eml to outlook mail converter

Enjoy these and several other features by downloading this software now. One can also get the EML to PST converter by visiting official website for the trial version of this software.

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