Converting OLM Files to Entourage (Mails, Contacts and Calendars)

Converting OLM files to Entourage is required for the purpose of transferring the emails from Mac Outlook to Entourage. But most of the methods for such data migration only work for emails not contacts and calendar. This also applies to third-party commercial software applications that convert Outlook database or OLM files.

Converting OLM files to Entourage (*.rge)

One of the most common Outlook to Entourage migration is the one that does not even involve OLM files. You can drag the email folders from Outlook into the desktop. This automatically transforms them into the *.mbox files. Then, using other intermediary email clients that supports MBOX as a link between Outlook Mac and Entourage, you can import all the data into Entourage.

As may be obvious from the above or not, but these techniques of data migration are overly complicated, time consuming, inaccurate in terms of the details stored inside the files. And they do not convert Outlook contacts and calendar, just emails.

So, now, without further ado, let’s see how you can convert everything from OLM files to Entourage quickly, including emails, contacts, calendar, and other related data items.

OLM Extractor Pro: The Finest of all OLM to Entourage Conversion App!

If you want to convert your data with accuracy, ease, and speed, look no further than USL Software designed Mac compatible software app called ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’

Converting OLM Files to Entourage

It is one of the best solutions you can get your hands on today for the task we are concerned about here in this article. It holds specialized algorithms and mechanisms that process the data dynamically, resulting in highly precise output Entourage files with zero data errors. You can expect to have all your information including the metadata properly converted from OLM to Entourage.

Converts Mails, contacts & Calendars

The tool converts your contacts to VCF and calendar to ICS files respectively. VCF is a standard used across the industry for storing contact files and similarly, ICS is the standard for calendar-data files, most commonly employed by iCAL app but works with majority of calendaring programs as well.

You get clean conversion of all your contacts and calendar from OLM to these appropriate files, but you can also choose to merge multiple items per folder into a single file (VCF for contacts and ICS for calendar). This option can be incredibly useful for users with thousands of contacts and many appointments and events in their calendar. Because without such merging feature, it would be difficult to manage so many files for each item. Instead, now you only get one per folder, which is significantly much easier to handle now and, in the future, as well.

Unique features

Other excellent option of OLM Extractor Pro is that you can choose to convert and save emails in different folders depending on their read and unread status. Some ordinary OLM to Entourage conversion apps fail to even keep unread emails as unread. This app, however, goes a step further and lets you choose to keep them separately, even if they were in same folder in Outlook Mac originally.

Smart Algorithms

The smart algorithms at its center – the principal factor that gives the tool its power – are advanced and precise, resulting in error-free conversion. It deals with items like images, attachments, text formatting, metadata, links, cloud-based files, nested emails/conversational style emails, and such content with precision and manages to convert everything.

Free trial copy for evaluation

convert olm to entourage

If you are interested in trying “OLM Extractor Pro” to convert your OLM files to Entourage, head on to the download page with the link below. There is no need to sign up or give any of your details to get the setup/installer file and you can get the tool up and running in less than five minutes and experience its brilliance firsthand.

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