Convert PST to Apple Mail With an Expert Recommended App!

Expert-recommended application to convert PST to Apple Mail. It’s quick, simple, and converts data extensively. The app can process even the tiniest bit of data without losing any detail in any way.

Outlook Data File

The Outlook for Windows uses the proprietary file format called OST and PST. OST is an internal file that doesn’t come in any use for manual tasks like backup or migration. It’s the PST format we are interested in.

Short for ‘Personal Storage Table,’ PST allows users to manually archive data into it. You can keep those files as a backup or to import data to other Outlook on other computers.

But the problem with PST is that it cannot be used with any other email program other than Outlook itself. You can use it in Mac Outlook to import data in PST, but that’s about it.

So, when someone has to either share a large Outlook database with a user who doesn’t have Outlook, or when someone is moving away from Outlook to another email client, the job of getting data migrated can be cumbersome. When two software applications share a common data file, one can simply copy the files.

So, How to Convert PST to Apple Mail

That’s the problem we are talking about today. How to convert PST to Apple Mail, in case you are switching from Outlook Windows to Apple Mail client? Also note that both of these email clients work in different operating systems, so you can’t use any direct and official import/export feature if there were any.

In the end, you are on your own. Either use a complicated manual approach or equally complicated third-party import/export tools. Both would make you end up with error full files where important pieces of information would be gone or incorrectly converted.  And there’s also always the risk of destroying the arrangement of your folders. The software solutions commonly available fail to convert data while mapping the architecture and order as well. So what you get in the end is partially converted files and that too in incorrect order.

Let’s now talk about how this can be avoided.

Best tool to Convert PST to Apple Mail

PST Extractor Pro” is an ultimate pst extractor and converter tool from USL Software removing all these challenges and giving you a simple solution without the headaches.

pst to apple mail converter

Impressively, it does not remove any of the required features that make the migration more accurate and professional. So, for instance, you have the option to convert contacts and calendar to VCF and ICS files respectively, not just emails. You can also merge those items per folder into a single corresponding file. The filtering option makes it easier to choose folders you want to convert and which you don’t.

All these options and specific features let users customize the output files in their own way, as they need it.

convert pst to apple mail

The interface complements the entire process and facilitates the conversion. The UI is designed smartly to not let beginners overwhelm by everything and yet gives them what they need. You can pick it up right now and begin moving PST to Apple Mail format even if you have never done it before.

Only “PST Extractor Pro” combines the element of sophistication and simplicity that makes an otherwise cumbersome process simple without removing choices on how users want to output data.

Free Trial to Convert PST to Apple Mail

There is more to “PST Extractor Pro” than stated above. Get a free trial version and find out more about it.

The instant download link is below. You don’t need to provide any information. Just get the installer file and begin. Contact the support if you have any questions or need help of any kind.

Get your trial copy at

pst to apple mail

To convert PST to Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook:mac, Postbox, MBOX, EML etc, try ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today.

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