Convert Outlook to MBOX Quick and Easy Way

Converting Outlook to MBOX Can be Hugely Problematic – Now You Can Turn It All Around.

Convert Outlook to MBOX

If you want a productive email client to use in Mac, Outlook is a great choice. The latest version Outlook 2016 brings a lot of features that users have been asking for, including a whole lot of features for collaborative work. It is also excellent in the interface department. Now you can do a lot in just a single click and the entire UI is very intuitive for anyone to use.

And then there’s Mac Mail, the default email client in all Mac OS X systems, developed by Apple itself. One fact about Mac Mail makes it an offer you can’t refuse; it’s free. Therefore, in spite of the Mac Outlook’s great set of features, many users are often seen using Mac Mail. It’s only when they need other Office suit applications do they move to Outlook for Mac.

But regardless of how both of these clients are used and their great set of features, there’s one problem that troubles many. How to move data across these email clients? Because the data files used by them isn’t shared by them. Outlook for Mac uses OLM files while Mac Mail uses MBOX.

So, if you are moving from the Outlook to Mac Mail, or want to share your Outlook Mac data with a Mac Mail user, you have a problem at your hands.

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How to Convert Outlook to MBOX

But the good news is that it’s a problem that will solve very easily, given you have the proper tool to do it. Even though OLM file is not compatible with Mac Mail, there’s a simple and quick way to move to Mac Mail. It’s by converting your OLM files to MBOX. Then you can import MBOX directly to Mac Mail.

It sure sounds simple except finding a third-party converter that can convert these files while considering the importance of the tiny details and metadata and not resulting in data integrity loss, can be a pain in the neck. Most users struggle to convert the files correctly when using just any ordinary file converter.

Because OLM and MBOX are not just simple files with different extensions. They cannot be more dissimilar. The inner structure of these files, through which they store data, are divergent and contradictory. Therefore, it takes advanced algorithms to extract the contents and put them into another.

But today is your lucky day. You no longer have to worry about converting Outlook to MBOX files. Because we bring to you a great, professional converter that delivers accurate output and is incredible to use.

Get it to convert Outlook to MBOX

You can start by downloading its free trial version here. It lets you convert ten items from each folder inside your selected OLM files but places no other limitation. So, you can thoroughly check it out without any risk.

Called “OLM Extractor Pro,” it will give you the streamline experience of an otherwise tedious and challenging process that even IT professionals struggle with.

Convert Outlook to MBOX

It features many different options for you to customize the results. You can convert contacts and calendar to VCF and ICS files respectively. And you can also merge multiple contacts and calendar entries into a single VCF and ICS file. It also lets you split over size MBOX files to smaller ones so they are easier to import.

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Get the trial setup to convert Outlook to MBOX and see for yourself.

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