Convert EMLX to Thunderbird With Far Better Accuracy and Speed!

Convert EMLX to Thunderbird without the signs of any data loss or corruption. How can you do that?

How to Convert EMLX to Thunderbird?

The answer is simple – use a professional Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration tool that is developed by a reputed company. However, such tools are in rarity. You can spend your entire day, and yet, not find a single tool that you can rely upon.

There is one major reason for that. Converting EMLX to Thunderbird is itself a complicated task by nature. Not even the best of all EMLX converters can do it without losing data or losing the fidelity of your emails.

EMLX is a raw source file for Apple Mail. It wasn’t brought by Apple Mail for any purposes like migration or backup. It’s basic function is to interact with the client and lets you interact with emails and everything. When you use EMLX files for migrating data to other clients, or want to keep those files as backup, you will most likely end up with frustrating results.

But fear not, this post is here to help you. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you can do to achieve the same effect of converting EMLX to Thunderbird but without using EMLX files at all. It’s way more accurate, quick, and simple.

The answer lies in a tool called “Mail Extractor Max” from USL Software that can automatically load Apple Mail database (native directory) and gets your data ready for conversion without you having to manually load EMLX files ever.

convert emlx to thunderbird

This makes the job way more quick, since all you have to do is just click the ‘Auto-Load’ option, as opposed to using EMLX files that consumes a large amount of time and is more complicated.
Not just that, the auto loading option also makes the conversion more precise since you are not dealing with any archived or raw files.

Other Features of “Mail Extractor Max”

  • Supports Unicode content, or in other words, It can also convert non-English text fully.
  • Supports the preservation of folder hierarchy/folder structure. It doesn’t mess with the order you have arranged your folders.
  • Quick conversion speed, almost as quick as 1GB per 10 minutes
  • Works without internet connection.
  • 24×7 customer support for quick assistance on anything related to the migration at hand
  • Thorough conversion including of images, attachments, metadata, and other details
  • Intuitive interface that makes the tool very simple to use even by beginners

Download and Convert EMLX to Thunderbird

If you are not yet sure about all this, try the free demo edition that can convert ten items per folder. It doesn’t restrict you from using any other feature and checking out the tool’s performance and ability.

Download it now here:

Offered by USL Software, after activating the full version, you are also entitled for free future updates forever.

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