Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mac, Take a professional approach!

Incomplete conversion processes can be very devastating for the data stored in your email database file. Incomplete, faulty or corrupted conversion process can sometimes lead to permanent loss of data.

So, how to ensure that your data remains safe, sound and also gets easily converted? Well, the perfect way of doing so is to take a professional approach towards the conversion process.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mac professionally

Manual methods of converting Apple Mail to Outlook Mac are only limited to small scale conversion processes. The use of internet protocol to transfer all of your data from one email server to another becomes obsolete with Apple Mail storing large amount of data in its local storage.

With manual methods you need to extract the data from the local storage, upload it to the server, then download it on the other account. This tedious task get ridden with bugs, which makes the entire effort a waste.

The professional and more intelligent way of converting Apple Mail to Outlook Mac is by using a third-party converter tools. Third-party converter tools become mandatory to use as there is no direct method of conversion that both the email clients support.

Mail Extractor Max: The tool that professionals use

The market is loaded up with so many third-party Mac Mail converter tools that it becomes very confusing to select the right one for your conversion process. To meet the rising demand, many substandard converters have been brought out by many companies. These instead of solving your problems increase them.

But don’t worry. Just go with the tool that most experts recommend and that tool is Mail Extractor Max.

The all-round conversion tool from USL Software provides you with all the support required to convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mac.

Since, the file types used by Apple Mail and Outlook Mac differ on basic structural level too, thus, you’ll need a tool that changes the format whilst maintaining the integrity of your data.

And Mail Extractor Max is that tool.

convert apple mail to outlook mac

Convert every bit of data

Data loss or data being left unconverted becomes a thing of the past with this tool. The powerful algorithms supported by the tool provides you with such power and precision, that the tool converts all the data present in the input file.

All the formats be it ASCII or Unicode, is easily converted by the tool. It converts all of your metadata, attachments, nested messages and even the double byte data. So, now languages like Japanese and Chinese will also be converted without any problems.

convert apple mail to outlook for mac

Carry the folder hierarchy with you

No more keeping up with the messy folder structures. Yes, switching to Mail Extractor Max means retention of the folder structure from the input file.

The tool retains your folder hierarchy from the input file during the conversion process. This ensures that you get the exact folder detail in the output file as you had in the input file. This makes finding and managing the data post the Apple Mail to Outlook Mac conversion process easier.

Want to try it out? Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process.

apple mail to outlook mac

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