Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST With Output File Size of Your Choice and With Various Other Useful Options!

There are many aspects and elements to consider when migrating email data. Due to the complexity of email files and all kinds of intricate information they contain, it becomes crucial to convert email files with attention and care. Converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST files often turn into a tedious and ultimately fruitless endeavor because of certain unwanted aspects of the output.

Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

One common reason for frustration is getting a massive PST file. When you have a large Apple Mail MBOX File and you convert it into PST, naturally, the resulting file will also be very large. Such details are skipped by many developers and software tools, and even users, only to later find themselves in a problematic situation.

Only now, you do not need to concern yourself with such obstacles anymore when converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST files.

Mail Extractor Pro,” a professional email migration software tool, that gives you the ability to control the size of converted PST file from Apple Mail MBOX, along with many other options as well.

apple mail mbox to pst

Why PST files must be small?

If you are using an older version of Outlook 2003 and 2007, the limit for PST files by default is 20 GB. If you try to use a file larger than 20 GB, you will get an error in Outlook. Later versions of Outlook (2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365) upgraded the limit to 50 GB.

While this may seem a lot to some users, if you have been a heavy email user in Apple Mail email client, especially if you were using POP protocol to retrieve emails, the Apple Mail MBOX file can also be too large.

Some users may not need to get more than 20GB of PST file, while only very few users will ever need to have files larger than 50 GB.

However, the important point to consider here is that the limit for PST file 20 and 50 GB for earlier and later versions of Outlook is the maximum limit the file can go to. (If you want more, you can always tweak the registry settings). But letting the file grow as big as the maximum limit is not a smart decision. It impacts the performance of your computer and of Outlook heavily.

But the biggest reason to always maintain the size of PST is the higher probability of corruption in large files. The larger the PST file is, larger the chances of data corruption. While also includes the obvious fact that if one large PST file get corrupt, all the data inside it will be corrupt as well. It’s the same thing as the saying goes, “do not keep all your eggs in one basket.”

Next point: large PST files are also hard to import to Outlook. Many times, when you try to import a large PST file, it freezes Outlook indefinitely, which forces you to forcefully end the process using Task Manager. And that leads even more chances of data corruption and errors if you close the process before the data import had finished.

And lastly, if you work in a company with large IT infrastructure, the problems with large PST file simply multiply many folds and you are going to give your IT guys a big headache. Even a minor issue with Outlook takes a form of a massive setback if the files inside Outlook database are huge, which also applies for PST and OST files.

How “Mail Extractor Pro” helps during Apple Mail MBOX to PST migration?

The tool has a very simple way to handle the problem.

Look for the option that says split PST files. Then enter the size you want to the maximum limit it can go up to during conversion. If you enter 0 here, it means there is no limit, and it is not recommended.

Considering the average Outlook users and their system configurations, up to 15 GB of PST file is acceptable. However, note that this is just average and does not apply to each case. So, you must set this limit according to your system configuration and how much can it handle without affecting performance.

If you have ever found Outlook to be unresponsive or responding slow because of PST file size, then you must have a general idea of how large a file would be suitable in your situation.

After setting this limit for PST file, the tool will automatically take care of it. If the Apple Mail MBOX file is too big and cannot be fit into one PST file of your chosen size, then it will split PST into smaller files.

It’s a very convenient way to avoid the trap of massive size PST that can give you unnecessary trouble later on when you go on to import it in Outlook.

convert apple mail mbox to pst

Other Such Amazing Features of “Mail “Extractor Pro”

Mail Extractor Pro” is built keeping the basic users in mind that may not have much experience with tasks like Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion. But it also gives advanced functionality to make the task more efficient and practical for all scenarios and scopes.

  • Ignore all empty folders in one single click
  • Manually ignore any unnecessary folder quickly using the intuitive interface
  • Support conversion of non-English and special characters, including from email headers
  • Keep the arrangement of folders intact
  • Fastest data conversion that doesn’t let your productivity down
  • Quick installation without any manual configuration. Just install and get started.
  • Also converts Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases
  • No dependency on other utilities or even internet connection. Works completely offline
  • It’s a very light tool that requires minimal computer resources
  • Technical support 24 x 7 from the developer
apple mail mbox to pst converter

Converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST often have many unforeseen setbacks during the actual process of migration and after. Many people find the process needlessly daunting and frustrating, due to issues like too large PST files. “Mail Extractor Pro” has taken care of such missing gaps that otherwise make the job complex and intimidating. You can try it out using the free demo and see how well it works. Let go of any worries, as this tool is developed with full attention to the real-world migration scenarios and has intuitive solutions for everything that you will need.

apple mail mbox to pst migration

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