Best OST to PST Converter Software and the Only One That Works Smoothly & Accurately

There’s always a dread in the air whenever there’s a discussion about best OST to PST converter software or about any manual method for converting. It can get pretty hard for beginners, but even the experts and advanced users try everything to avoid.

However, if changing OST to PST files is necessary and there’s no way out, you are going to need a professional tool that can deliver a smooth experience. Fortunately, there’s one that you can use right now.

The Best OST to PST Converter Software

USL Software is well known for their excellent email migration/recovery/conversion tools, built with the eccentric approach, away from the conventional methods, but always efficient and accurate. This time they have come forward with the “OST Extractor Pro,” an excellent solution for OST to PST conversion.

best ost to pst converter

OST Extractor Pro” is filled with unique features that are all applicable easily by intuitive and natural GUI.

Here are some of those features:

  1. It can convert the data from OST to PST while also mapping the folder hierarchy correctly. All your folders and the subfolders inside them will be correctly extracted and converted into PST without exception.
  2. It supports full conversion of text in any language. Most prominently, it can convert languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, which are very difficult due to the fact that they are double-byte characters.
  3. Batch conversion support lets you convert multiple OST files to PST together. The tool also handles large OST files correctly and doesn’t compromise with the performance & accuracy of the tool and of output files respectively.
  4. Besides folder hierarchy and non-English text, it also converts every other item that are usually tricky for traditional converters. Such as: email attachments, images, nested emails, headers, metadata, and so on.
  5. You can manually select the folders you want to convert or manually deselect the ones you don’t want into PST files.
  6. Quick conversion: most conventional tools for this job requires many hours to convert the files. “OST Extractor Pro,” on the other hand, has a quick data-flow logic that performs everything with extra fast speed, so you can focus on things that are more important to you.

If you are wondering, how to use ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you will be surprised to know that in spite of its advanced functionality, it has a basic interface that feels natural even to the first time users.

Here’s a simple walkthrough for converting OST to PST files:

  1. Download, install, and launch (You can use free trial version first)
  2. Click on “Open OST File” and choose the folder containing the OST files for conversion
  3. Check the folders you want to convert
  4. Choose “PST” as output format
  5. Click “Convert”

That’s it.

Best OST to PST Converter Software Free Download

This is pretty much the simplest approach that can get your OST files converted to PST without any efforts. And moreover, it doesn’t end up with corrupt or fragmented files.

You can download the trial version here and get started.

Download Now at

best ost to pst converter software

If you are looking for best ost to pst converter software, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.

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