Backup Mac Mail to PST for MS Outlook – Never lose your data ever again

Data is the resource whose importance has sky rocketed in this technology dependent world. Preserving it has been the top priority. And when it comes to email conversion this data is at its most vulnerable state.

Tool to Backup Mac Mail to PST

Third-party converter tools are the way to go about your conversion process to ensure that nothing happens to your data. But finding the right converter tool that protects your data when you are Backing up Mac Mail to PST is the real fight.

Mail Extractor Pro is that tool.

backup mac mail to pst

Safety is Priority

Safety of your data is the first thing that Mail Extractor Pro takes care of while Backing up Mac Mail to PST. The tool supports high end features and algorithms that takes care of the data during the conversion process.

It provides you the best in class accuracy that helps you in achieving the perfect conversion process. The tool not only converts your usual ASCII encoded data easily, but also the complex and tricky Unicode data too.

Unicode comprises of all the non-English data present in your input file. Since the encoding scheme is a bit different from how your usual data is encoded therefore it becomes a little tricky to convert.

Many converters failed at this very step while Backing up Mac Mail to PST, therefore, resulting in an incomplete conversion process having negative effects on your data.

Mail Extractor Pro ensures that all the Unicode data is perfectly converted, thus, increasing the security of your data.

backing up mac mail to pst

Not only safe, it’s accurate too

Mail Extractor Pro not only protects all your data while Backing up Mac Mail to PST but also converts all of it present in your input file. The tool offers you best the in-class accuracy that helps you convert every single bit of data present in your input file.

The tool ensures that nothing is either left behind or left unconverted during the conversion process. To do so the tool automates the entire process of loading up of the email database file. Since the whole process is completely automated, there is no scope of any error.

Once all of your data is loaded up for conversion while Backing up Mac Mail to PST, then the tool does the rest. It converts all of it without modifying even a single bit of it. Therefore, all of the data is completely converted, retained and stored as it is.

With the exceptional precision that the tool offers, the output file produced becomes a replica of the input file.

And do it all very easily

The everlasting problem of figuring out how to operate the tool while Backing up Mac Mail to PST is solved by Mail Extractor Pro.

The tool offers you an easy to operate interface that guide you through the entire process of backing up Mac Mail to PST. With informative wizards and pop ups at every step the tools don’t let you go wrong, making the entire experience a pleasant one.

Free Trial to Backup Mac Mail to PST

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Mail Extractor Pro can convert MBOX to PST and email clients Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird to PST (Outlook for Mac and Windows).

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