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Growing popularity of PST files-An ‘Apple mail to PST converter’ that helps convert ‘Apple mails to PST files’.

Outlook has always been a popular choice with the professionals. Whether it is a startup or a full grown organization, the email client preferred in any kind of institution is Outlook. Sometimes however, the professionals initially work on different email clients and make a subsequent shift to Outlook. In such scenarios, the important mails need to be transferred to Outlook for ease of work.

Apple Mail to PST Converter By USL Software

If such a need has risen from Apple mail being the previous email client, then Mail Extractor Pro is the only conversion tool that you must look forward to. Mail Extractor Pro is a conversion tool that provides easy conversion of Apple mails to PST files.

apple mail to pst converter

Why choose Mail Extractor Pro-A guide enlisting features of ‘Apple mail to PST converter’

Amongst the many available Apple mail to PST converters, Mail Extractor Pro is the preferred choice for a considerably high number of users. It is only justified as there are exceptional features embedded into this Apple mail to PST converter. Let’s breeze through the highest rated features of this Apple mail to PST converter.

Features of Mail Extractor Pro

  1. Offers Multiple conversion choices: Although, the discussion at hand is that of an Apple mail to PST converter, but Mail Extractor Pro can also convert Postbox, MBOX, and Thunderbird to PST files.
  2. Works on multiple platforms: The files converted to PST using this tool can be imported to Mac Outlook 2011/2015/2016/2019 and to Windows Outlook 2003/2007/2013/2016/2019.
  3. Safeguards the data: This conversion tool is completely bug-free and thereby doesn’t expose your data to any kind of risks.
  4. Batch conversions: This Apple mail to PST converter also offers batch conversions. Large data base can be easily uploaded under one conversion process.
  5. No modification of the data: It converts everything without any changes to the integrity of the data. All the details like read/unread status, metadata, etc get converted.
  6. Folder Hierarchy: The Apple mail to PST files conversion doesn’t impact the folder organization. In other words, the converted data is arranged in the same manner as it was in the basic version.
  7. Converts non-English text: It has the capability of converting double-byte characters that are used in languages like Chinese, Korean, etc. Thus, emails with such languages can be converted with ease and perfection at the same time.
  8. Speedy conversions: The flow of the data is superfast and thereby the conversions are really fast and smooth.
  9. Accurate conversions: Any user using this Apple mail to PST converter can expect absolute conversions. The accuracy of the data is impressive to be put in simple words.

Get this Apple Mail to PST Converter Tool

convert apple mail to pst

In light of the above mentioned features, anyone looking for converting their Apple mail to PST files must go ahead with using Mail Extractor Pro. This Apple mail to PST converter can be downloaded under a free trial version. Once the user is satisfied, he/she can go ahead with investing into the full version of the Apple Mail to Outlook conversion tool.

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