Apple Mail to Outlook Converter (Accurate and Efficient)

Apple Mail to Outlook converter and conversion can be a really big deal for beginners. It’s not like simply copying Apple Mail data files into Windows Outlook database. That wont’ work. The incompatibility and difference between both clients and their data files doesn’t allow you to simply move data in traditional way.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

Sadly, most of the Apple Mail to PST Converters that are on the market today don’t work the way you’d want them to work on your data. They are neither accurate nor quick. So in the end, you’d end up wasting a lot of your time for a flawed migration results.

Today, we have a good news for you.

If you came here looking for a perfect Apple Mail to Outlook converter that is accurate, simple to use, and efficient, you came to the right place.

But first, a little bit of information about the nature of the task you are about to get into:

Apple Mail is an email client that stores its data into EMLX files. Those files are stored inside folders with .mbox extension, but those aren’t standard MBOX files that are used commonly with other programs. Therefore, you are stuck with EMLX files which aren’t compatible with any other email tools (client), not even Windows Outlook.

Windows Outlook on the other hand is developed by Microsoft and uses PST file for storing data. PST is short for Personal Storage Table format, and is a proprietary file format that cannot be used elsewhere except Outlook itself.

So, you have a lot of data in Apple Mail and want all of it to be moved to Windows Outlook. How can this be achieved in the face of incompatible and dissimilar data files.

This is where our best Apple Mail to Outlook Converter comes into play. It doesn’t require you to import EMLX or any other files directly to Windows Outlook. In fact, in a single click, the tool can auto-load the entire database of Apple Mail and then it can convert it into PST files with the data integirty preserved.

The converter is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and is offered by USL Software, one of the leading companies in email migration industry currently.

The best Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

Apple Mail to Outlook converter

Mail Extractor Pro” has ended all sorts of painful limitations of email migration tasks, and has come forward with the simplest way of data conversion without compromises. The best of all is that it can auto-load your Apple Mail database automatically. After which you have nothing else to do except choose the output file as ‘PST‘ and everything will be done for you.

The tool also offers features like splitting large PST files into smaller files. You can manually set the maximum size limit for the PST file after which the tool will split the file into smaller files if it crosses that limit. This is because large PST files can be hard to import to Windows Outlook.

Along with that, there are plenty of other features, that are all easy to apply, self-explanatory, and make the migration more productive and efficient.

The tool takes care of all the data details inside the Apple Mail database folder, such as headers, images, attachments, non-English text, nested messages, folder hierarchy, etc.

Try the Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

Get the free trial version if you want to try it right now without having to buy the full version. The trial mode will let you try out all the features without restriction. In trial, it will convert only ten items per folder. It’s more than enough to fully evaluate it’s worth.

Click here to download the setup and experience the best Apple Mail to Outlook converter.

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