OST Recovery Tool for Mac & Windows

You are a small business owner, and you know the importance of your data. Especially those OST files, the source of all worry and salvation, are so important to deal with. You want a tool which can make all OST related problems go away so that it can be what it was made for in the first place – a convenience. If this is your scenario, you have come to the right place. If this is not your scenario, even then the information I am about to provide you in this article will come handy to you in the near future. So, read it till the very end.


OST as we all know stores mail content offline. This is very handy for business owners as they can easily circulate important mails among employees without any hindrance that sometimes lack of internet brings. However, OST files once lost are very hard to recover, and the process is so tiresome manually, that even small businesses cannot afford to lose that much time and energy for one thing. Therefore, you need to have one tool in your kitty for all OST related problems. OST recovery is one aspect of it. When you are dealing with OST files, the need to convert it to PST or any other email format like MBOX, EML etc. files might arise in the near future.  So, you need a powerful tool for all these processes which are so common with OST files.

Because this process is so risky, but all the more important we only recommend the best in business – OST Extractor Pro by USL software. OST Extractor Pro has all the necessary features which make every OST process a cakewalk, and even recover your OST files. With OST Extractor Pro every OST related process catches momentum in no time and the task is done, with no loss of data or quality of content at all.

Let me guide you through the whole OST conversion process with OST Extractor Pro.

OST processes with OST Extractor Pro

First of all, OST Extractor Pro begins with extracting or recovering OST files. No matter where your OST file is, or in what form, it will be extracted and recovered to be ready for conversion. It will then be converted to any standard email client format of your choice. OST Extractor Pro converts every type of mail content. From bulky files with heavy attachments to Meta data content, everything gets converted in its prime form. OST Extractor Pro ensures that no loss of time or data takes place.



The cherry on the top is that OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version. This demo version helps potential customers to fully explore the tool in depth to ensure the quality of the product they are paying for. Because every business runs on data, the tool used for handling and converting them should be a professional one. OST Extractor Pro is one such tool.

Get it here:

And to the great delight of many business owners, its full license version comes at the cheap price of $199 only and Individual at $49.

Your company needs its OST files back? Don’t worry, get the OST Recovery Tool today.

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