A guaranteed approach to import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST) impeccably!

Import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST), the job can go wrong not at one but many points all through the conversion task. This engenders the need to have a fool-proof approach. So as not to bring any harm to the precious email data files.

Import Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac & Win

Mail Extractor Pro is an Mac email to pst converter tool that works on Mac OS X. It can help the user save his/her files from all sorts of dangers involved in the process to import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST). This tool has a design structure that supports of all sorts of databases. And it is thus successful in giving out 100% satisfactory results every single time.

import apple mail to outlook

The tool comes with an easy to understand interface. The guidelines are laid down in a straightforward manner which makes it easy for the users to comprehend their next step. In case of need, the users can also use the 24*7 helpline for technical agents’ support.

Numerous happy accounts of users are sufficient to establish this tool’s success rate at the task to migrate Mail to Outlook. However, to make it even more convenient, USL Software, the company behind this tool’s creation has given out a free demo version for the tool. This version can be downloaded to test out the features of the tool while having the ability to convert up to 10 items per folder.

Click on the link here to get your copy!

import apple mail to pst

No more gruesome and time-consuming efforts to import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST)!

The job to import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST) becomes so easy with Mail Extractor Pro. The users forget about all the pains other ordinary tools might have given them in the past. With this tool, there are just endless possibilities in the store for the users.


First and foremost, the speed at which this tool converts the files is mind-boggling. The users get to convert up to 1GB worth of data in less than 10 minutes. This means that it is only a matter of few minutes within which the users can get hold of their perfectly converted data files.


Secondly, this tool converts each and every item with full precision. There is not even one detail that is left behind. Whether it is the non-English content in double byte characters or the convoluted graphic images, this tool takes full control in recreating these elements. It even maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files.


Next, it is simple to use. Most of the process is automated and the users just have to make simple choices to reach the end of the game. At the other side of course are the beautifully converted PST files.

Nominal Cost

Lastly, this tool comes at a very nominal cost. One can choose from 3 different license keys- Standard, Business, and Enterprise. All of these come with free updates for life and round the clock customer support service.

This is the chance which you must take full advantage of. Do not wait and get this tool today to import Apple Mail to Outlook (PST) flawlessly!

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